Ships Safety Officer

The aim of the course is to enable designated personnel the role to be the Safety Officer onboard a ship, as identified in the Merchant Shipping and Fishing (Health and Safety at Work) Regulations which defines a safety officer as “a person who has sufficient experience and training or knowledge and / or qualities, to allow him/her to properly undertake the duty imposed under the relevant provision in the regulations”.

Duration: 3 days.

Training Centre: St James Hotel, St James Square, Grimsby DN31 1XZ.

Fee: £520.00 exc VAT (inc lunch and refreshments).

Room only £40 / night. Room with B&B £48 / night.

Course Dates 2021

5th April (Monday)

3rd May (Monday)

7th June (Monday)

5th July (Monday)

2nd August (Monday)

6th September (Monday)

4th October (Monday)

Entry Requirements (pre-requisites):

Learners shall be at least 18 years of age and have at least 12 months sea-time, plus will have served at sea in a merchant vessel and have in addition a minimum of two years consecutive sea service since attaining the age of 18. In the case of a safety officer on board tanker, this shall include at least six months’ service in such a ship.

If there is any doubt as to an individual’s ability to participate in such exercises C Force Marine Ltd reserves the right to request an ENG1 medical certificate, or equivalent, as an indicator of fitness.

As per MCA requirements delegates or companies booking on behalf of delegates must ensure that one of the below forms of personal identification is available and to be presented at course registration:


Discharge Book (or equivalent National document recording a person’s sea service)

National I.D. Card.