Maritime Surveys

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  • eCMID Surveys
  •  Suitability Surveys 
  •  Condition Surveys 
  •  ISM Audits 
  •  On – Off Hire Surveys
  •  Crew Appraisals

eCMID Surveys

Authorised Vessel Inspectors (AVI’s) supplying the following vessel types:

  • Dynamic positioning (DP) vessels;
  • Pipelay vessels;
  • Cablelay vessels;
  • General vessels including heavy lift vessels.

The Common Marine Inspection Document (IMCA M149), originally published in print form in 1998, is the basis for the modern eCMID inspection.

Used as a basis for inspecting any type of vessel of 500grt and more and/or 24m or more in length.

Accredited vessel inpectors (AVI’s) with relevant eCMID endorsements are required to perform the above surveys.

Marine Inspection of Small Workboats

Marine Inspection of Small Workboats

Authorised Vessel Inspectors (AVI’s) are required for the common Marine Inspection of Small Workboats (eMISW), a standard format for the inspection and auditing of offshore vessels.

The Marine Inspection for Small Workboats (IMCA M189) was added to the eCMID system as the eMISW in 2013. This document may be used as a basis for inspecting any vessel less than 500 gross tonnage and/or less than 24m.

Generally this inspection is designed for vessels who do not need to comply with the International Safety Management (ISM) or the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code.
C Force Marine Ltd have surveyors on call to fulfil your survey needs.

Suitability Surveys

Vessels are surveyed pre-contract to assess if a vessel is suitable to cover contractual operations operations. “Findings” or “Close Outs” shall be included within the final report and submitted to the client accordingly.

Vessel Suitability Surveys shall consist of but not be limited to:

  • A thorough check of vessel certification.
  • A check of crew certification.
  • ISM compliance as and when required.
  • Checking of life saving and fire fighting equipment.
  • Internal and external condition of the vessel.
  • Inspection of machinery spaces.
  • Function and testing of critical equipment.

Condition Surveys

Vessels are surveyed during an ongoing contract as per owner and / or client requirements to assess if a vessels condition is still suitable to cover legal and contractual obligations.

A vessel Condition Survey shall be based on the similar criteria as a suitability survey with the end report acting as a statement of fact for the condition of the vessel at a specific time.

“Findings” or “Close Outs” shall be included within the final report and submitted to the client accordingly.

This kind of survey enables managers and clients to determine whether the asset conform to acceptable standards.

On / Off Hire Surveys

On-Hire Survey or Off-Hire Survey reports of marine assets provides the condition of an asset at a particular time and location at certain stages of a commercail contract.

  • Checking of certification.
  • Inventory of stores.
  • Witnessing and noting fuel figures.
  • External condition of the vessel.
  • Internal condition of the vessel.
  • Cleanliness of cargo spaces (if any).
  • Noting of any damage to the vessel.
  • Noting of any reasonable wear and tear on the vessel.
  • Resolution to differences in fuel figures (if any). Certificate of attestation will be issued upon completion of the survey.

ISM Audits / Crew Appraisals etc

With C Force Marine Ltd having ISO 9001 2008 + ISO 9001 2015 + International Safety Management Lead Auditors at their disposal we have the ability to carry out various surveys as follows:

  • International Safety Management (ISM) Audits.
  • International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) Audit.
  • Crew Appraisals.
  • Bespoke inspections as per clients requirements such as internal audits / checklists / close out of marine internal issues.